Personal Training

We provide daily sessions, where all levels are welcome. If you’re a beginner, then we provide progressive sessions to help you find the confidence you need to get to know your body and adapt before advancing. No session is cookie cutter, as we believe in a varied training approach to avoid hitting plateaus & staleness.


Posture and movement will be evaluated to determine weaknesses or areas of improvement.  Cardiovascular assessment will be performed if needed to determine fitness level.  Body measurements will be taken to establish initial markers and establish personal goals. Complimentary with purchase of a personal training package.

Personal Training

(virtual or on-site)

1 on 1 training sessions consist of 1 hour of customized personal instruction, with specific programs created for the client.  These sessions will include stability/mobility, strength, & cardiovascular exercises in relation to the client’s goals.  Also, nutrition will be reviewed & suggestions will be offered. Virtual training is offered at a 20% discount.

Get Strong Package: 12 month package with 2-4 sessions per week Starting at $292/month.

Get Fit Package: 6 month package with 2-4 sessions per week. Starting at $306 per month

Get Healthy Package: 3 month package with 2-4 sessions per week. Starting at $333 per month


 30 minute consults will be performed either Skype or Zoom.  These calls will consist of a review of previous workouts, sharing of new workouts, goal setting, & nutritional advice.  These are intended as weekly sessions for clients unable to perform 1 on 1 sessions. $25 per consult.

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